Let’s be honest

In the past, granola has lied to us.  And we’re a little bitter. 

Granola claims to be healthy, but most granola is made with tons of sugar; packed with cheap, high-calorie fillers like rice puffs, soy, and dried fruit; and contains hidden preservatives and additives to be able to sit on the shelf for months without getting stale.  But not at SKINNY GENIUS.
We’d like to introduce you to our granola. Simple. Clean. Honest.  
Did we mention good for you?


We kept the ingredient list short

and the recipe simple


Whether you devour SKINNY GENIUS granola by the spoonful, blended into your protein shake or smoothie, as a topping on fresh yogurt, ice cream or fro-yo, or in some other creative way, we hope you stop for just a moment in your day, taste our delicious granola, and know you’re doing something great for your brain and your body.

We spent months researching each ingredient and refining the recipe to get it just right.  We handcraft it in small batches at our kitchen in Los Angeles.  And every 4 oz serving not only packs a jaw dropping 10 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein, but stabilizes your insulin, reduces inflammation, aids in digestion, boosts your brain, revs up your metabolism, and cuts your cravings.