Not feelin’ the boring, brown frisbees they call gluten free tortillas at the grocery store these days?

Sick of seeing crazy, cell-clogging preservatives and trying to pronounce those WTF ingredients ?

Same here. 

(Wow, we already have two things in common.  This date is going great!)

Guess what we did?  Oh something just a wee-bit, revolutionary.  Ok,  let's call it visionary.  Fine, dare we say… GENIUS?  Why the heck not?  It's in our title for crying out loud.

First of all, we refused to use corn like those other guys. Why?  Because it’s nutritionally bankrupt.  We wouldn’t think of using brown rice because we've got way too much to do much and coming down with a wicked case of arsenic poisoning kinda messes up the picture.  Seriously, look it up!

What could possibly be left, you ask?  Only two of our new, favorite, all-star ingredients – the almighty garbanzo and fava bean.  

But that’s not all.  You know with like to get jazzy around here.  We added fresh herbs, spices to get your taste buds salsa-ing and just the right amount of smarts to make fresh, natural, and we mean ALL NATURAL tortilla wraps that taste incredible. 

And as if that wasn’t enough, they’re off the charts good for you!  Go ahead, check out our numbers and ingredients.  Each tortilla wrap is filled with with fiber and protein, with absolutely ZERO preservatives, chemicals, or fillers.  We could use words like tortillaerrific and wraptastic, but we’ll let you say it for yourself after you eat one.  Plus, they're a bitch to type out with auto-correct.  So what are you waiting for? Grab a Skinny Genius Tortilla and wrap up some goodness for yourself.   You need ideas?  Ok!

Turkey, chicken, tuna salad, eggs and bacon breakfast wraps, cheesy quesadillas, pizzas, tacos, veggies with hummus, chicken salad, egg salad, steak, guacamole...shall we go on?  Of course we shall!  Check out our Pinterest page and get inspired by some of the recipes you see there?  Got a great idea or recipe?  Share it with us!

The options are endless!

You’re welcome.