Let Skinny Genius Elevate Your Next Event!

Here’s what'll happen when you serve SKINNY GENIUS at your next event:

You will feel like an astronaut rockstar.
Your boyfriend will want to buy you lots of shoes.
And unload the dishwasher without you having to ask.
Your neighbor’s dog will stop barking.  Like, forever.
Your kid will fall asleep as soon as you leave the room.
You'll nab that clutch preschool parking spot.
Your boss will hand over the keys to the company.
All the annoying, judgey, negative people in your life will move to Minnesota.
Ditto goes for the douchebags at the gym. 
Y'all can ditch the Viagra.
The first thing you'll think when you look in the mirror is "You're hot, let's fall in love."
You could very easily bring world peace.*

We guarantee that you will be a total hero to your friends, family, coworkers, clients, neighbors, and strangers when they show up to their next...

(see the pretty picture above!)

...and find SKINNY GENIUS waiting for them.

We know.  

It’s hard out there for a gluten free pimp.

Let us make you look good. 

* As we speak, a rockstar crew of SKINNY GENIUS scientists is hard at work in a laboratory at an undisclosed location working on the data to back this science up.  Until then, just go with it.