Let’s face it... 
 It’s hard out there for a gluten free pimp.

I’m a lawyer-turned-TV writer.  Friends, family, dogs, workouts, scripts – life is a constant hustle. Who wants to feel sick or sluggish from the food they eat?  Not me.  Who wants a sugar hangover or a carb coma? Definitely not this girl.  

 The food I eat has to propel me forward and upward, keep me energized, and lookin’ good.

But c’mon, life’s too short to eat bland, boring bites!  So I decided to put the yum in gluten free.  I didn’t want to just pour a bunch of sugar, salt, and fat into the same old recipes.  My numbers had to be amazing.  Each ingredient had to serve a purpose.   And I refused to cut corners by using chemicals, fillers, or preservatives.  Just not my style.  

I spent months researching ingredients, not just the easy ones we all know about.  I went deep into Mother Nature’s pantry.

I geeked out with cutting edge nutritionists and doctors to bring the latest greatest in brain, digestion, absorption, and performance.  I got down and dirty in the kitchen with some top chefs.  Maybe lost a finger or two, definitely ruined some good outfits.  But hey, it was all worth it. 

SKINNY GENIUS products are the real deal.  I’ve thought a lot about what you’ll be eating, so you don’t have to.  I’ve done all the heavy lifting. (you’re welcome).  All you have to do is lift that fork or spoon and enjoy some cleverly crafted, distinctly delicious food that is outrageously good for your body.

xx Nicki Renna